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"International Bursa 4 days Orienteering" races will be held for the second time this year between 04-07 October 2018. In Bursa, where green and blue, peace and nature are intertwined, four days are waiting for you when all these beauties are meet with orienteering. Also Bursa had hosted Second South East European Orienteering Championships with more than 300 orienteering competitors from 10 country. Green Bursa will captivate you with its unique natural beauty and offered trails; it will take place in your memory with a great pleasure and warm smile. We hope that you will enjoy this charming city.



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Safari Outdoor Sports Club

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+90 533 818 32 37          +90 536 335 06 69



Note: All categories from W/M-10 to W/M-80 are indicated.


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03.10.2018 (Wednesday)

Arrivals, Registrations, Race Pack

Labyrinth Orienteering Sport Event


04.10.2018 (Thursday)

Classic Distance Keles / KOCAYAYLA  (*New Map)

05.10.2018 (Friday)

Long Distance, Uludağ / HUSEYİNALAN REGION (*New Map)

06.10.2018 (Saturday)

Middle Distance, Sarıalan / ULUDAĞ (*Updated Map)

06.10.2018 (Saturday)

Night Orienteering Event Kapalıçarşı /ULUCAMİ - HANLAR  REGION (*New Map)

07.10.2018 (Sunday)

Sprint, Tophane / OSMANGAZİ (*New Map)


Registration and Labyrinth Orienteering Sport Event:

We will have an open labyrinth event for all the contestants after SI and chest number distribution at the Event Center. This event is open to all and you can test your speed in the maze between 11:00am - 04:00pm in a day.


1st Day Kocayayla (Classic Distance):

Kocayayla, which was the first tent of the Ottoman state before conquering Bursa and the conquest gate of Bursa, is a region with a unique natural beauty of Bursa and Turkey at an altitude of 1250 meters, with the historical feature of Bursa, and athletes who compete domestically and internationally will be able to recognize the foundation of the Ottoman. Terrain description: This land covered with pine trees and floor is really clean. You can go fast but you have to check your map all the time because of confusing streams. Sometimes you can face with short slopes.

2nd Day Hüseyinalan (Long Distance):

In addition to the unique natural beauty of the village of Hüseyinalan at the foot of Uludağ, a race will be held in the forests of plenty of oxygen. Far from the noise of the cities and the crowds, it is fully integrated with nature at the foot of Uludağ, with its vast forests and a unique Orienteering land awaits the participants. Terrain description: The Long Distance land lies horizontally on the Uludağ’s skirts. Runnability varies from good in the flat areas to poor in the hillsides and there is no rock. The floor is soft.

3rd Day Sarıalan (Middle Distance):

Before reaching the peak of Uludağ, Sarıalan is frequented by the cable car, offering a magnificent view of Bursa with an altitude of 1650 meters. Sarıalan offers an unforgettable nature holiday service for nature lovers during summer season, camping areas with tents and wooden forest kiosks. We have updated that map this year and this map was used during 2nd South East European Orienteering Championships. Terrain description: Moderately steep to steep hills up to 250 m in height. Many stones and rocky areas. Vegetation mainly beech spruce forest, but there are also areas with pine forests and open land. Some undergrowth and small marshes. Mostly easy running, but pace reduced in some places due to rocky areas and denser vegetation. Visibility very good, but limited in denser areas. Limited network of paths and forest roads. Possibility of fog.

3rd Day Hanlar Region Night Orienteering:

Night race is considered to be the ancestor of world market culture and has been determined by Bursa City Center for centuries. the "Hans region", which has been protected from centuries to the present, consists of the Hans, covered bazaar, bazaars and commercial buildings. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Khans region is one of the most important commercial centers of Bursa with 700 years of history.  Athletes who participate in the competition will be able to find the target points marked on their maps between the streets of the Han region in the form of labyrinth, and they will be able to know the historical covered bazaar, historical Inn and Grand Mosque area by doing sports.


4th Day Tophane (Sprint):

Tophane is the central  region of Bursa, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire. The Tophane area is surrounded by walls and stands as an important example of the First and Middle Age city defence architecture. The Tophane, which is one of the most beautiful places in Bursa, has the mausoleums, Clock Tower and Ramadan Balls of Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire and Orhan Gazi, our second Sultan. Athletes participating in the competition will have the opportunity to know Bursa history and culture by running between Bursa city walls and streets. Terrain description: Typical old Turkish settlement with lots of old houses, small and narrow streets, passes etc. streets paved with stones. This map will be used fort he first time.

Results & Prizes: Overall results will be according to the rankings of the first 4 stages. Grand Bazaar stage will be a separate race. All winners will receive medals and souvenirs from our sponsors.

Accommodation: Thanks to its central location, Hotel Gold Business 3 provides guests with easy access to every part of the city, while being close to historical monuments, memorials and museums. Hotel Gold Business has been chosen as our accommodation and racing event center to combine comfort, sincerity and hospitality with elegant decoration to keep our guests' memories as "a beautiful moment" about accommodation. You can take advantage of; the spacious lobbies and rooms that you can spend your day at, the drinks service of "Lobby Cafe"  during 24 hours, and the unlimited wireless service covering the entire hotel. The accommodation is full board (morning breakfast, tea and coffee hour with cookie, evening meal) and serves as open buffet and lunch will be given in the competition area as food packet



07:00 – 10:00

Lunch (Lunch Box)

13:00 – 14:00

Tea and coffee hour with cookies

17:00 – 18:00


19:00 – 21:30



 The cost of transportation is included  in the registration fee.There is no extra charge.

Bursa4Days Orienteering  All Fees

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Registration Fee - Including Transport to Event Sites


Hotel Gold 3




Children Classes Entry
10 - 14 ( M/W )s

€30 (5 Stage Total)


€ 40

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€ 60

Other Classes Entry
16+ ( M/W )

€50 (5 Stage Total)

€ 40

€ 50

€ 60

Electronic Control (SI)
Card Rental

€ 2 / stage




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*All prices are including of tax in EURO.

* Accommodation is given as room rate per night.

* We can provide a transport from the airport to the hotel to be paid separately.

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